Swingaway Hinged Ladders for autocovers

Tired of having your automatic pool cleaner get tangled up on your pool ladder, or having to remove your ladder to close your auto cover?
When an autocovers is installed on a new or existing pool, there is always one problem... the ladder in the deep end is always in the way of the cover closing.
Cover companies came up with an easy solution to this and installed hinges on the ladders. The only draw back to their hinge is it uses a small pin to lock the ladder in place. These are small pins and can very easily get lost and bent. More often than not, it is easier for homeowners to just stop using the ladders.
Our hinges incorporate the locking pin into the hinge itself. The pin is internally mounted which makes it easy to lock and unlock. To unlock the hinge, you simply lift the entire ladder 1 inch. To lock the hinge, you simply let the ladder slide down and lock into place. It couldn't be easier.
These hinges can be used for more than auto covers. If you have an automatic cleaner that is always getting tangled on the ladder, this is the solution for you. No more worrying about your cleaner getting stuck and staying in place for hours. Simply lift the ladder out of the water and let it go.

They also make for easy winterization. To order swing away ladder Penguin Pools at 612-225-0007



The difference in covers between a top track, and a recessed

This is a recessed cover above, notice how the cover rides in the same track we install the liner in, on the side of the pool wall and then rolls into a well under the diving board.

This is a top track cover below. Look closely and you will see the track on top of the concrete that the cover slides in. This was an existing
pool that we put a cover on two years after we built it. We had to build a bench above the deck for it roll into, in order
not to tear up the tiles. On a new pool it would be underground like picture 1 or 3.

Another picture of a top track cover, we use these for two basic reasons, the customer saves about $1500 because special coping is not needed atop the pool wall, so it's a cheaper option. If you have a freeform pool like the one below, it has to be top track, because it needs a straight edge to close.


Spillover Spas

This is what you start with

You can leave it as is.....

.....or jazz it up like these.

Sport pool pictures Pierson-Cambridge

Vermiculite Floors

A typical vermiculite floor bottem before liner is put in.

Advantages of Penguin Pool Vermiculite pool base:

Please be aware of the serious short-comings of using packed sand as a base in vinyl lined swimming pool construction, This special vermiculite concrete offers several very important advantages:

They are much easier to apply to steep side walls, and will not wash away with changes in the water table.
They form a monolithic cast, are permanent, and will always remain in place.

They form a porous concrete. When water tables and hydrostatic pressures increase, water can pass directly through the concrete without causing any damage to the pool walls or bottom. When water reaches the liner, it spreads laterally, and passes back out safely into the ground.

They become insulating concrete which insulates your pool water from the cold temperatures of the soil beneath it.

With sand it's easy to have footprints all over your base. Footprints and indentations are rare with vermiculite. This enhances both the beauty and longevity of your pool

There is some cushioning or resiliency when a swimmer's body accidentally strikes a vermiculite important safety feature for both you and your family.

Fountains on sport pool