How to make your swimming pool more energy efficient

Why should I build or upgrade to an energy efficient pool?

Reduce Costs

You’ll save money. Energy-efficient pool appliances always pay for themselves in reduced electric bills, and then continue to save money for years to come. By choosing pool equipment such a variable speed pump or pool cover, and by establishing good habits like lowering the pool heater when not in use and proper preventative maintenance, costs to a pool owner can be greatly decreased.

Cuts down on energy waste and saves water

Almost all of a pool’s heat loss—about 95 percent—occurs at the surface, mostly through evaporation to the air and radiation to the sky. By using a pool cover to prevent heat and water loss, the amount of chemical water treatment will also be reduced. A multispeed or energy efficient pool pump can also significantly reduce the power consumption of a swimming pool by over 65%.

Tax incentives and rebates

Did you know that some states offer tax incentives and rebates for homeowners that purchase energy efficient pool appliances? Check to see what incentives and rebates are available in your state.

Energy Efficiency – How?

With a combination of pool products and good preventative maintenance habits, you can improve the heating and energy efficiency of your swimming pool. Variable drive pool pumps reduce utility costs.

Pump Efficiency

You can save energy and maintain a comfortable swimming pool temperature by using a smaller, higher efficiency pump and by operating it less. On average, an energy efficient pump will use 30-45% less energy than that of a standard pump. The difference over a season can be immense. Pumps now come in two-speed, four-speed, and variable-speed models, so you can turn the speed down for regular daily use saving a lot of energy, and use higher settings for more thorough, less frequent cleanings. New energy-efficient pumps also move the water more efficiently for further savings.
Since pumps circulate the water to keep it clean, the better they work, the less a filter has to work.Visit to see how much money you could save by switching to an IntelliFlo variable speed pump.
  • Pentair IntelliFlo
    Pentair Water Pool and Spa® was the first to introduce variable speed technology with their IntelliFlo® pumps over 5 years ago. Today, IntelliFlo continues to lead the way, out-selling all other variable speed brands combined. Their ultra-efficient permanent magnet motor design reduces noise and vibration for greater efficiency and longer pump life. 8 programmable speed settings ensure minimum flow requirements are being used for every pool task – filtering, heating, cleaning, spa-jets and more – to optimize performance and minimize energy use. In fact, with IntelliFlo technology, pool owners can save $620 to $1,360 each year compared to other pumps.
  • With the Hayward EcoStar family of pumps, money flows back into your pocket. EcoStar is the industry’s most energy efficient variable speed pump, thanks to a super-efficient permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor and industry leading hydraulic design. Tests prove that EcoStar can save you up to 90% on energy costs compared to ordinary single speed pumps. EcoStar matches pump flow to a pool's needs, versus running at full power 100% of the time. It's fully programmable with a self-contained 24-hour clock and up to 8 custom speed and timer functions that allow EcoStar to manage flow throughout the day. Whether used in new construction or aftermarket applications, EcoStar is the perfect choice.

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