The difference in covers between a top track, and a recessed

This is a recessed cover above, notice how the cover rides in the same track we install the liner in, on the side of the pool wall and then rolls into a well under the diving board.

This is a top track cover below. Look closely and you will see the track on top of the concrete that the cover slides in. This was an existing
pool that we put a cover on two years after we built it. We had to build a bench above the deck for it roll into, in order
not to tear up the tiles. On a new pool it would be underground like picture 1 or 3.

Another picture of a top track cover, we use these for two basic reasons, the customer saves about $1500 because special coping is not needed atop the pool wall, so it's a cheaper option. If you have a freeform pool like the one below, it has to be top track, because it needs a straight edge to close.

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